I am delighted to offer you a medicine bag of treatments ranging from sound healing to voice work,  breathwork and poetry work. The common denominator being the years of training with some wonderful wisdom teachers and years of experience in working with clients, seeing them transform as they hear their own authentic voice, or hear the voice of their soul or finally touch deep within themselves a places which had been push away and denied, now accepted and integrated.

I have a passion these natural healing process which offer clients a journey of self-discovery and a return to wholeness.

On our first meeting we can discuss which kind of session you're drawn to and together we will agree a treatment plan specific to you.

Contact me now to discuss the treatment options.


" It gives me great pleasure to testify to you and your contribution to the well-being of so many of us, through your work. I find you and all the many aspects of your insightful work, inspiring, motivating and encouraging. 

Thank you. "


Sound Healing

Balance and harmonise and rejuvenate your body,  mind and spirit.



Discover your deepest soul's longing through your own breath.



Free your self through discovering your authentic voice


Poetry Medicine

Using poetry to explore and inquire into the longing of our own soul.


Contact me on 086 821 4512 to book. If you'd like to find out more Message me on Facebook

I also offer workshops and classes - drop me an email if you are interested and keep an eye on when my next one is coming up here.

See here for the full list of treatments available.