Sound Healing

I offer one-to-one Sound Healing Treatments. It is a safe, gentle yet very effective way to bring balance, harmony and healing to your Body, Mind and Spirit and invoke your body's natural healing. Sound Healing is a natural way to treat physical and/or emotional pain and illness and is particularly helpful for the following :

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Release physical tension
  • Improved circulation
  • Concentration
  • Pain control
  • Aids sleep
  • Balance and harmonise emotional and physical body
  • Chakra balancing
  • Tap into your own inner wisdom and intuition
lucia sheehan using forks to heal

A Sound Healing treatment takes approximately one hour and costs €50 per session. The sessions can be held in Limerick city or in my therapy room in Murroe.

Contact me on 086 821 4512 to book. If you'd like to find out more Message me on Facebook


Each human personality is like a piece of music, having an individual tone and a rhythm of its own.”

- Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Client Testimonials

Lucia it would give me great pleasure to testify to you and your contribution to the well-being of so many of us through your work. I find you and all the many aspects of your insightful work, inspiring, motivating and encouraging. Margaret
I have always loved poetry. Or at least reading poems silently to myself. Working with Lucia on Poetry Medicine has opened a new world of poetry as a place to go to when thoughts and feelings need to be rearranged and a new personal truth can emerge. Lucia has a real gift to facilitate this emergence within a safe space. I highly recommend Lucia as a very knowledgeable and intuitive guide who walks the talk of poetry. — Martin O’ Connor Clinical & Coaching Psychologist, Chartered Psychologist (PSI).
Lucia Sheehan is one of those special people who, on first meeting, you feel at home. She comes from a place of love and kindness in all she does. That is why I put myself in her capable hands for a sound healing. It was such a beautiful experience. From the offset, Lucia made me feel safe and loved. She performed the session with skill and compassion. The overall result was profound and very powerful. I would highly recommend Lucia. Nadine
Thank you for creating and holding spaces that I’ve always found inclusive, nourishing and engaging. Your passionate commitment to your spiritual and creative life as well as to the service of others continue to inspire me. With gratitude, Maureen
I am really enjoying my work with Lucia. Lucia is extremely warm and offers a safe environment where you can surrender into the work and exploration, with the full support and holding by Lucia. As a Psychotherapist, I am a firm believer in a holistic approach and believe this approach works in harmony with talking therapy for a deeper delve into self exploration.  – Hanna


College of Sound Healing Tutor Accreditation

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What is Sound Healing?

For centuries, sound has been used as a tool for healing and transformation. Indigenous cultures have understood the healing, restoring and relaxation power of sound and now our scientists are actively researching the effects of sound and vibration for the wellbeing of this world, not only for humans, but for plants, animals, our universe – in fact, any living organism.

How does Sound Healing work?

Sound Healing is the application of sound to bring the body, mind and spirit back into balance and harmony. Our bodies, like all things in nature, are vibrating entities, each part of the body, the organs, blood, bones vibrate when healthy at optimal frequency. When the the body is out of balance, through illness, stress or trauma then the body's cells are no longer vibrating at their optimal frequency. Applying sound to the body allows the sound to penetrate to the cells that are out of balance and through the property of entrainment, bring the cells back into their optimal frequency. See more details here.

This sound can be created using a variety of instruments, including the voice (toning, chanting, mantra, free sounding) and instruments (e.g. tuning forks, drums, Tibetan/crystal bowls, rattles).

The human voice is the most natural, intuitive and conscious instrument for connecting with and healing the human body, mind and spirit, your own and others.  Offering healing using human to human connection through the voice transmits connection, compassion and love - true vehicles for healing.

Jonathan Goldman describes sound healing as

“Sound Healing, as the name implies, is the use of sound to create balance and alignment in: the physical body, the energy centers called “chakras”, and/or the etheric fields. The sound may be applied by an instrument or by the human voice. Sound Healing is a vibrational therapy and can be understand as being energy medicine.”

Sound Healing is an ancient medicine and thanks to a number of pioneers such as Laurel Elizabeth Keyes, Fabien Mamon, Masuru Emoto, Jonathon Goldman and Tom Kenyon, it has enjoy a resurgence in more recent times. Sound and Music is predicted to be the vibratory medicine of the future. Even traditional medicine and science have been using and researching sound in many areas of medicine, such as the use of ultrasound to break down kidney stones. Many studies have introduced music and sound to calm, reducing levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, which considered a significant contributing factor in modern diseases including diabetes, cancer, heart disease and many more.

For centuries Shaman and medicine men and women have used voice, rattle drums and other instruments to heal body, mind and spirit. Indeed their application of medicine included all of these facets in their healing and as practice. Science and and our own inherent knowing is now confirming to us that it is essential to heal our entire energy system, focusing on the body alone simply isn’t enough. We are more than just body, our emotions and experiences too have an effect on our health.

Sound Healing with the voice uses the tools of mantra, toning and sounding from the heart to affect body, mind and spirit, bringing one into vibratory alignment where healing can then take place. It operates on the principle defined by Jonathon Goldman:

[frequency + intention = healing]

Scientists in the area of physics and quantum physics have shown that the human body, and indeed all matter is energy. This energy is in a constant state of vibration. Sound healing, which is based on affecting cells at the core vibratory level is now becoming a viable complementary treatment capable of creating balance and harmony in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being.

Sound Healing uses voice and instruments to sound and tone with high intention and love to connect with universal sound wisdom, calling the client’s energy system back to wellness. The sound tool that I am most passionate about is our natural voice, a tool that we carry around with us everywhere and one which we naturally use, often without conscious awareness, to soothe, calm and heal. Think of how you use your voice, of how a mother’s voice brings comfort and joy to their baby, think of how music opens and cracks open the most hardened heart, add to that the incredible power of intention and the fundamental nature of vibration and you begin to understand the power of Sound healing.

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