Sound Healing Practitioner Training

 Sound Healing is the vibratory medicine of the future. It is both a very ancient and very modern, cutting edge, healing modality. It is a natural way to treat pain and illness and is simple to use and highly effective. Sound Healing is simply the therapeutic use of sound and music for healing. It is a safe, gentle yet very effective way to bring balance, harmony and healing to the Body, Mind and Spirit.

This course primarily focuses on working with and through the voice both for self-healing and healing others and is suitable for all levels of interest. No previous experience is required. The experientially-based learning has a balance between practice and theory and comprises five non-residential modules taken over a year and a half.

lucia sheehan using forks to heal

Module 1 - An Introduction to Sound Healing with the Voice introduces you to the healing power of the voice.  The human voice is the most natural, versatile and empathetic tools we have. We already have an intuitive knowledge of how our voices serve, to calm, to soothe - ourselves and others.  It has an intimacy and an immediacy far beyond other sound healing instruments. If you have a voice, any voice, you can use it to heal others. 

In this first weekend, we cover the practical,  experiential and the theoretical aspects of sound healing. We introduce vocal exercises to help remove blockages from your voice and show you how to create pure tones, we introduce you to the power of the breath, and to sacred chants and movements. You will receive the experience of sound healing session, and we introduce you to the theory and experience of harmonics and it's role in healing.

This first module can be done as a stand-alone personal development workshop. You may wish to do this module as part of your own healing journey, whether they choose to become Sound Healing Practitioners or not and is a great opportunity to learn the power of Sound Healing before committing the the full course.

For those wishing to complete the full practitioner training, all five weekends are mandatory. It is required to join the College of Sound Healing as a student member and complete a first aid course. As part of the certification, there will be homework, essays, and case studies to complete.

We are so delighted this course has the years of experience and knowledge of the College of Sound Healing. To view the curriculum, costs and requirements, take a look at the College of Sound Healing website.

​C​ourse Modules​ ​Dates
​Introduction Sound Healing with your Voice ​​​30/31 March, 2019
​Theory and Practice of Sound Healing 29/30 June 2019
​Music as Medicine 14/15 Sept, 2019
​Sound Healing through the Chakras 7/8 Dec, 2019
​Graduation Weekend ​4/5 April, 2020