Humming Meditation

Humming meditation
  1. Find a quite, comfortable place to sit, on a chair or on the floor
  2. Make sure you body is relaxed, stretch and release any tension in your body, especially your face, jaw, shoulders and belly.
  3. Take a moment to listen, start with external sounds, then slowly bringing the attention into the body, noticing any sounds, your breathing, gurgling etc
  4. Take a few slow breaths in and out and when you are ready, gently bring your lips together and make a humming sound on the out breath. Keep listening to your body when you breath in.
  5. Continue humming on the out breath, feel free to change the tone or pitch of your hum. You might event like to experiment with different tones.
  6. Feel the hum travel through your whole body, filling your head, torso, legs, all your internal organs… as though you are re-tuning your whole cellular structure.
  7. Continue initially for a couple of minutes (you can extend it up to about 10 minutes each day).
  8. Once you finish, take a few moments of stillness to witness and experience the effects.
Humming Benefits

I would love if you would let me know the benefits you received from your humming practice, here are some of mine.

  1. Relaxation – stills the busy mind.
  2. Deeper breathing – the humming has the effect of stretching the out breath.
  3. Grounding, I feel more in my body, more solid.
  4. Aliveness, increased energy – I find that my whole body is energised after humming, I can almost hear each cell come alive and start to hum.
  5. YOU?? Email me anything you noticed!