Coherent Breathing

I have been sharing the Coherent Breathing Technique in my classes and so many of you have told me how much you enjoyed it and using it had helped you calm your mind and become more peaceful and focused.  One of the many benefits of Coherent breathing is it how easy it is - you can practice it anywhere and in almost any situation. Follow the simple technique below, and as an aid to you - I have recorded the bells I use in my classes to signal the in and out breath for a 5 minute practice. You can play it online or download to your device for use anywhere. Of course you don't need the bells, but they are a great support to allow you to focus on your breath, and let it do the work on your body, mind and spirit.

Coherent Breathing Technique

Promotes Relaxation and calms the mind


Sit comfortably and focus gently on your current quality of breath, body and mind.
Play bells


At each bell ring, breathe in and out alternately (5 second intervals)

Sit and Meditate

Sit and notice the quality of your breath, body and mind for another 5 minutes

Repeat Daily

Repeat this practice at least once a day

Coherent Breathing

Stephen Elliot  is the originator of Coherent breathing which has now been adopted by so many teachers and researchers of breathwork.  One of the many excellent benefits of Coherent breathing is that is it is so easy and accessible and a regular practice is know to have so many wonderful physical and emotional benefits. See here for more of the many benefits.


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