Poetry Dive Workshop

A Poetry Dive is an immersion in poems, music, movement and silence designed to take you beneath the surface and liberate the flow of your feelings and free your unique expression — through words, voice, body, sound and silence.

There are messages hidden inside poems that become alive to you as you hear, speak and take them into yourself. Through this immersion, we begin to discover and reveal more and more of our true nature.

You don't need to be a poet, or even a lover of poetry to attend this workshop.

Inspired by the work of Kim Rosen (author Saved by a Poem) and many amazing poets, I invite you to dive with me and others as we journey together towards this path of self-discovery and awakening.


Glimpse by Chase Twitchell

It was as if a window suddenly blew open
and the sky outside the mind came flooding in.
My childhood shriveled to a close,
just like that, thread of smoke
that rose and touched a cloud - or the cloud’s
replica adrift on the slow river of thinking -
and disappeared inside it. In that dark water,
a new lily was opening, sky- white out of the muck.
It was only a glimpse, quick,
like a bird ruffling,
but I saw the flower’s
beautiful stark shape, an artichoke
brightened from within by the moon.
A path lay shadowy under my feet,
and I followed it.


Date: Friday 16th August, 2019

Time:  7pm – 9pm

VenueYour Yoga Centre, Corbally

Cost:   €20

Booking:   lucia.sheehan@gmail.com or 086 8214512

Sounds of Devotion (Clonakilty)

An evening sharing Heart opening Songs, Mantras & Poetry. 

We will sing together and discover the beauty of mantras, sacred songs and, in the stillness, I will offer some spoken word from some of the most beautiful and sacred poets from around the world.  It is a devotional gathering which has been described as a way to come home to yourself.

Everyone is most welcome. No experience of singing or chanting is needed, just a desire to express universal love through singing and being together. 


In the morning
when I began to wake,
it happened again–

that feeling
that you, Beloved,
had stood over me all night
keeping watch,

that feeling
that as soon as I began to stir

you put your lips on my forehead
and lit the Holy Lamp
inside my heart.


Date: Saturday 9th March

Time: 7.00-8.30pm

Venue: Unity Yoga, Spiller's Lane, Clonakilty, County Cork

Cost:  €15

Breathe, Move, Sound

So many of us believe we have lost our voice, or that it is not good enough so we bury it deep, losing a deep sense of who we are. This workshop invites you to rediscover your voice, our most powerful tool of expression and connection. I invite you to join me to discover true nature of your own voice. Using gentle movement, breath, voice and chant work we reconnect and bring honour back to the ever present voice of your soul. Contact me for more details

Contact me for more details

Date: 16th March - 10.30 - 5.00pm
Location:  TBD


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Breathing into Sound

Date: Saturday 16th March, 2019 - 10.30am - 5pm

Venue: Feakle, Co Clare

Cost:  70 euro

Booking:   lucia.sheehan@gmail.com 086 8214512

Sacred Chant, Mindful Breath & Meditation

An evening of Sacred Chant, Mindful Breathing and Meditation.

A guided evening into the magic of singing sacred chants from all over the world, many different religions, countries - one voice.   All chants will be sung together and all voices are welcome. We will take some time to breathe more fully and bath in the silences created together in this heart-centered community.

No experience necessary.

What you need: 

  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Water (optional)
  • Cushion/blanket (optional


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Mindful Breathing, Meditation & Well Being

Date: 5 week class, starts Wednesday 9th January, 2019

Time:  7-8pm

Venue: The Barn, Main Street, Killaloe

Cost:  €50 for 5 classes - pre-booking essential

Booking:   lucia.sheehan@gmail.com 086 8214512

Sound Healing Training

​Here's the details of ​my next certified Sound Healing Practitioner Course beginning this March 2019 in Castletroy, Limerick.

This course primarily focuses on working with and through the voice both for self-healing and healing others and is suitable for all levels of interest and can be used as a standalone treatment or a compliment to other healing modalities.

​ No previous experience or vocal ability​ is required. The experientially-based learning has a balance between practice and theory and comprises five non-residential modules taken over a year and a half.

​​The Sound Healing Practitioner Training Course is accredited by The College of Sound Healing (UK) and recognised by The Complementary Medicine Association. ​

Cost:  €1250 or €1,100 if paid in full in advance (each weekend is €250)

Application:  Download Booking Form for Sound Healing Training and email to Lucia @  lucia.sheehan@gmail .com


Group Breathwork Workshop

Breathwork is a very powerful experience with intention setting and following the longing of your soul and using a connected breath to guide and to reawaken your inner knowing. It is a journey to give you insights and clarity. An opportunity to reveal and release held patterns in your body allowing you make available to you more of your own life force, 'breathing spirit into matter'.

I have been offering one-to-one breathwork sessions and am now very excited to offer a group breathwork session. Coming together in a group amplifies the field which enables deep shifts and healing to occur. The energy of the group dynamic can help access places within that are may be difficult to bring to the surface otherwise, coming together in community promotes compassion for self and others and deepens intention and commitment.

If you are interested I would love to hear from you, places are limited to 8 (4 places already taken) - you can find more information
on breathwork here



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Date: Saturday 16th February, 2019

Time:  10.30 - 4.00pm

Venue:  Beautiful home in Feakle, County Clare

Cost:  Cost: 80 euro - including tea/coffee/snacks and a light lunch

Booking:   lucia.sheehan@gmail.com 086 8214512

New Year Celebration

The dream team is back again by popular demand. Come and start your new year with us, in song, in sound, in love and in tea!!

We will begin with chant and mantra with Lucia, Fran, Mia & Clive. In the after glow of the chanting, we will bathe and journey with the magnificent sounds of Tibetan Bowls and Gong with Brenda.

Afterwards, we hope you can join us for a cuppa tea/coffee and a chat!

Many thanks to the team who generously bring this celebration to you:
Brenda Ryan, Lucia Sheehan, Mia Magan & Clive Williams, Fran McCarthy,

This is a family friendly event, so bring your whole family.

This year the charity we are supporting is in aid of a beautiful Galway man Shane Grogan who suffered a severe brain injury in 2012. All proceeds will go to help Shane live the best life he can live.



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New Year Celebration

Date: Tuesday 1st January, 2019

Time:  3.00pm - 5.30pm

VenueThe Urban Co-Op, Eastway Business Park, Limerick (opposite NCT Centre)

Cost:   All funds go to Care For Shane charity - suggested donation 20 euro

Booking:   lucia.sheehan@gmail.com 086 8214512

Winter Solstice Meditation

The Winter Solstice is the shortest period of light and the longest darkness. It is a time to pause, be still, to go inward and listen to that inner voice and plant the seeds that will flourish as we prepare for the springtime that lies ahead.

What are you ready to release?
What habits are holding you back?
What is taking up too much space?
What 'new' do you want to open to?

Coming together at this potent time we will plant seeds of intention, meditate and sing ritual chant and mantras.


Check out all upcoming events with Lucia

Winter Solstice Meditation

Date: Friday 21st December, 2018

Time:  7.00pm-8.30pm

VenueYour Yoga Centre, Corbally, Limerick

Cost:   15 euro - booking in advance only

Booking:   lucia.sheehan@gmail.com 086 8214512

Poetry Workshop

This workshop offers you an opportunity to experience the power of poetry to open your heart, to inspire you, to explore your creative selves. From stillness into a deepened breath, movement into sound and the spoken word into spontaneous writing, you are invited to deepen your connection with yourself and with those around you.

You don't need to be a poet, or even a lover of poetry to attend this workshop. Poetry has the power to cut through, to awaken, to forge new pathways. There are messages hidden inside poems that become alive to you as you hear, speak and write them.

Inspired by the work of Kim Rosen (author Saved by a Poem) and many amazing poets, I invite you to dive with me into the magical world of poetry, music, movement and sound.


Date: Saturday 25thth August, 2018    

Time:  10.30am – 12.30pm

Venue: Limerick Writer's Centre, 12 Barrington Street, Limerick

Cost:   €20   

Booking:   limerickfest@gmail.com or tel 087 2996409   

Temple of Words – DEVON, UK

Friday 13th April – 7.30pm – 9pm – Temple of Words
Bathe in the of poetry and music of the mystics and wise ones. An intuitively lead Poetry and Sound Bath to nurture and renew your spirit. This immersion reaches into the inner chambers of our souls and invites the body and mind to rest, to open and to allow the possibility of insights and healings.
“Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground” ~ Rumi

Saturday 14th April 10am-5pm – Fully Alive
A Day with Poetry, Music & Movement which introduces you to the power of poetry as a tool of transformation. Ignite your creativity, unveil your true nature, listen to the heart of your inner muse. You do not need to love or even like poetry to discover its power to transform and heal and bring you into a closer, truer relationship with yourself.
May you awaken to the mystery of being here
and enter the quiet immensity of your own presence. John O’Donohue

Venue: Angel Gallery South Street, Totnes, UK
Cost:   Fully Alive – £60
Temple of Sound – £15 (Both – £70)
Book before 1st March for £5 discount on each event
Booking: Booking is essential as places are limited
Contact:  Katrina Shee-Han +44 751 817 0727 or katrina.g.shee-han@mail.com