Breathwork is a very powerful experience led by your soul's intention and remembering your natural, connected breath to guide and to reawaken your inner knowing. It is a journey to give you insights and clarity. An opportunity to reveal and release held patterns in your body allowing you make available to you more of your own life force.

Coming together in a group amplifies the field which enables deep shifts and healing to occur. The energy of the group dynamic can help access places within that are may be difficult to bring to the surface otherwise, coming together in community promotes compassion for self and others and deepens intention and commitment.

If you are interested I would love to hear from you, places are limited to 8 - you can find more information on the type of breathwork I offer here.

"The word "inspiration" means to breathe spirit into matter. As we consciously deepen and open our breathing we are literally and viscerally incarnating ourselves. We are bringing our aliveness to the areas within us that have become frozen or deadened due to fear. We are bringing spirit into matter."  -- Kim Rosen


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Date: Saturday 22nd February, 2020

Time:  10.30 - 4.30pm

Venue:  Feakle, County Clare

Cost:  Cost: 80 euro - including tea/coffee/snacks and a light lunch

Booking: 086 8214512