Breathwork is a safe, natural, simple, yet profound healing process. The breath in a breathwork session is a return to our natural, deepened breath, the breath most of us were breathing when we were first born. Within a breathwork session, a soul intention is set and you breathe a conscious, continuous deepened breath. You surrender to our own natural self-regulating involuntary healing process, which bypasses the mind and allows you to experience, express and release your emotions and entrenched patterns in a safe and nurturing environment. The mind will not know how we need to get where we long to, but the energy system does.

In this safe and nurturing environment, I will hold a space with you held with  pure intention and music where your soul and breath will lead you to where ever you need to go to remember the truth of your perfect nature, which is love at it’s core.

Breathwork is for everybody, because it is driven by your soul's longing, I believe and have seen that it is a safe and healing process. I have found it beneficial as a restorative practice, as a releasing practice for held emotion in the body and as an uncovering and releasing of what our body holds on to, whether we are aware of it in advance or not.

Benefits of Breathwork

Clients have found breathwork very beneficial for the following:

  • Direction/guidance/insights
  • Feeling stuck
  • Releasing held emotions
  • Releasing patterns
  • Release physical tension
  • Restoring balance and well-being

"Breathing is a very literal invocation of the life force. As we breathe, the lungs fill with air, filling the blood with oxygen. Suffused with breath, the blood flows vibrantly through the body, touching every cell. The cell membranes - or walls - become more and more permeable allowing the oceans of our being to move and vibrate in their own wave patterns. In that sea of movement our own true nature cannot help but bubble up."
- Kim Rosen




"I am grateful for the opportunity to experience breathwork in the non judgmental open space of Lucia's strong and gentle presence. Since, diving deeper within, in the safe container she provides, I am easier at allowing my experience to be as it is and more welcoming of all the shades of humanity that come through me daily, confident that my breath will support me. "

- Helen

"I am really enjoying my work with Lucia. Lucia is extremely warm and offers a safe environment where you can surrender into the work and exploration, with the full support and holding by Lucia.

As a Psychotherapist, I am a firm believer in a holistic approach and believe this approach works in harmony with talking therapy for a deeper delve into self exploration."        - Hanna

A breathwork session lasts one and a half hours to two hours.  The first session cost €100 and each following session is €80.

Contact me on 086 821 4512 to book. If you'd like to find out more Message me on Facebook

I also offer Group Breathwork Sessions for a limited number of participants at a time - drop me an email if you are interested and keep an eye on when my next one is coming up here.

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