About Lucia

My work comes from a desire to serve, to seek in myself and in all those I meet that place of wholeness which is already inside and has often been hidden by earlier conditioning and past traumas, old beliefs that we need to do, to be, something or someone ‘else’ or that we are not good enough or whole and perfect enough as we are... it is a process of rediscovering and remembering your wholeness.

I have gone through my own healing journey (always ongoing...) and I am using the experience, insights and tools I have learned through that to work with others on their challenges. This means that I come from a place of understanding the human condition, understanding sadness, grief, confusion, depression, shame, stuckness, aloneness, disconnection and so on... and offering the tools and wisdom I have gained through many trainings and experience.

The type of work that I wish to offer is through voice, sound, breath and poetry. The therapeutic use of these modalities mostly concentrates the often less used right side of the brain which is the creative more intuitive side of our brains – which is often a huge imbalance in most of our daily lives. I work in both group and individual settings incorporating all the modalities and experience to serve my clients.

My wish is help those who sense that they have been living behind a mask of ‘normality’ for a long time and are now ready to discover who they really are and re-connect with that buried self and start living their lives guided from a strong internal sense of confidence, belonging and wellness. Often there is a sense of having lost one’s true voice and my work offers a reconnection and a remembering of that voice opening up all the possibilities that have been denied.

I see my work as more than a profession, it is a calling, to firstly discover true freedom in myself and then offer that experience and wisdom to others who are called to work with me.

I have had the honour of sharing all that I have learned in workshops, retreats, trainings and one to one sessions over the last ten years. It is such a joy to me to share this work in my own unique way. My deepest passion, my commitment to myself and my invitation to all that I meet is freedom. Freedom to live fully, undefended lives and to your full potential.

What people say...

Lucia it would give me great pleasure to testify to you and your contribution to the well-being of so many of us through your work. I find you and all the many aspects of your insightful work, inspiring, motivating and encouraging. Margaret
Lucia Sheehan is one of those special people who, on first meeting, you feel at home. She comes from a place of love and kindness in all she does. That is why I put myself in her capable hands for a sound healing. It was such a beautiful experience. From the offset, Lucia made me feel safe and loved. She performed the session with skill and compassion. The overall result was profound and very powerful. I would highly recommend Lucia. Nadine
Thank you for creating and holding spaces that I’ve always found inclusive, nourishing and engaging. Your passionate commitment to your spiritual and creative life as well as to the service of others continue to inspire me. With gratitude, Maureen